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Happy birthday to wee Caroline David!

Hello to new reader trink!

The usual, plus all sorts of brainfuckery.

What gets me is Nisar's utter refusal to follow his script. The man ad-libs like crazy.

Partially because he doesn't want to kill Tal, I think.

Otherwise: This is the first time in nanosong that we get a moment from both points of view, Alanna's and Jeramie's, and I'm curious as to how that reads to y'all.

And sometimes I feel that it suffers from a narrow focus because I should be writing about everyone, and sometimes I feel it suffers from a wide focus because I should be writing only about Alanna... but ach. I shall keep the camera on Alanna and Jeramie. *nod*. (And Nisar.)

To answer a miniFAQ: Yes, Nisar is protoJeramie. No, you're not supposed to know who the Other is or why he changed so dramatically yet. It's fine if you do. But you're not dim if you don't, is what I'm saying. I have not gone obvious with it in the slightest.

I have a pretty new shirt. It is panne velvet and garnet red and has bell sleeves and a tie empire waist. At age 31, I finally know what colors look good on me.

I can see my cleavage. Other people can't unless they're actively looking - it's not that kind of shirt! But I can. I want to hold a pen with my cleavage or something. I find cleavage amusing.
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