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Right, well, nanosong has ripped me to shreds for the evening.

caulay: "Um, yeah. That's intense. And because of that, I have to find something else to read before I go to sleep tonight."

Me: "I have to go find something else to think before I go to sleep tonight."

Bloody hell, man. Bad headspace, no cookie. But, um, apparently well-done writing, so - cookie. Half a cookie? Hm. Need recovery from bad headspace, soooo three cookies and Duck Soup on TiVo. Yes? Yes.

Note: It's not a Jeramie piece, so I don't have that oily sociopath feeling. But it's a young-Alanna piece, so I have that broken scared child feeling.

Why don't I write happy things about unicorns and fairies? I mean, if I was writing about unicorns and fairies, the bloodthirsty fairies would likely be riding the unicorns into battle, where the unicorns would be disemboweling trolls with one grand swoop of their lethally pointy horns, fetid trollguts spilling at their hooves.


Marx brothers. Right. Ice cream.
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