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* Paid bills!

* Made a 2005 financial spreadsheet! Guess what? Paid off six credit cards/loans this year. I rule. /americanbeauty (Actually, seven, but I transferred money from a high-interest card back onto one because they had a 3.9% interest deal. So.) (Yes, Adam was one of those kids who grabbed every credit card offer in college. Kids, don't use credit cards!)

* Elayna brought home Spelling Bee practice words yesterday. Here we go with the daily practice...

* Elayna loves Tori Amos. Loves her voice. Talks incessantly about how much she loves her voice.

* If you have been flirting with me but we have not specifically talked about the possibility of Being In A Relationship, you != one of the possibles. I flirt a lot. I have Relationships.... far less often. :)

Mmm. I'm going to go have some gingerbread.
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