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Regarding the number of my lovers and prospective lovers-and-whatevers attending Arisia, from an e-mail to one of them:

Him: "So. *cough* What'cha doin' the weekend of January 14?"

Me: "Half of Boston, apparently. :)"

I am approaching australian_joe levels of commitment here. We need to get matching jerseys for Team Shadesong.

Partners: Just Adam and docorion.

kires is.... my Kires. Indefinable. ...thingie. Yes, there is sex. Yes, there is love, but it is friend-love, not In-Love. But more than fuckbuddies. So. Um. He is my Kires.

Spooky is also indefinable. She is a probable, not a possible. :)

Aaaand I have three possibles. Two of whom I have made out with a bit. :) Other one, not yet. None local. Not identifying them til they tell me they want to be identified, or til we are Actually In A Relationship; I will not be a Secret for anyone ever anymore. No sex is that good. Possibles are pretty much dependent on my energy level. I'm not a well girl! Not so much time on my hands, either!

You can pretty well figure out who Spooky is if you happen to read both of us; it's not that hard, in context. She's just not ready for full spotlight yet. And one of the possibles has talked about "courting" me in his LJ comments, and another has been asked by two friends what's up with us; that last one just tends not to post about his love life. So my Dirty Little Secret buttons are not currently being pressed. It's just - I'm loathe to swing the 850+-person spotlight on possibly-shy people before things are Official, and in the case of the possibles, due to my condition and to distance, it may take a while to get truly Official.
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