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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to the Helly-licious velvetsteel!

Hello to new readers genuinechris, greybeta, and libco!

Just-now took my meds, so we'll see. The usual so far. EDIT: Wordfuckery, brainfuckery, chest pressure. Going to stop trying to respond to e-mail for now.

LJ Annoyance
It would be really nice if they'd freakin' fix comment notification.

Poor Adam.
He is verra sick. Bird flu. Damn cockatiels. So if you're wondering why he's not responding to e-mail/LJ? Bird flu. He is in bed sweating and repeatedly taking his temperature and reading scholarly-type books on horror movies.

Llama Drive 2005
I think we're over two whole llamas by now! I know dindin is up to almost a whole llama. Last Adam checked PayPal last night, we had three donations adding up to a bit over one (1) chunk of llama; I recognized magenta_girl's name, but not the other two (there are six kajillion Lisas on my friendslist). And I think docorion donated two (2) chunks of llama directly.

So, um, let me know if you donate via the Heifer Project so I can keep Elayna apprised! She is very gleeful about this.

Also, it's been brought to my attention that you can't officially give llamas in honor of anyone; there's no space for that on the form. So if you like, you can send her a llama card to let her know you donated. Elayna (at) :)

And she loved singing for you. :)
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