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The Llama Project

We will be singing The Llama Song tonight. theferrett bought a llama. And dindin's mobilizing her friendslist to chip in for one.

A few of you requested a PayPal button so you could chip in amounts smaller than's minimum of $20; it's now up in the original post. Please donate only amounts smaller than $20 there - it gets complicated and we get hit by PayPal fees, so we really want to keep most of the money going straight to the Heifer Project's site.

We are at about one-and-one-thirds llama(s) in about four hours. This is overwhelming. Elayna will be thrilled. :)

A UK option was also requested, and here it is: OxFam doesn't offer llamas, but it does offer other animals. So my UK readers can chip in without getting screwed by currency conversion rates.

Yay. :)

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