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If you feel like sending material things, here's :
My Amazon wishlist
My ThinkGeek wishlist

Adam's Amazon wishlist

Elayna's Amazon wishlist
It looks like I can't link you to her MindWare wishlist, but I can e-mail it to you.

But let me tell you what Elayna really wants.

She wants a llama.

No, not for herself. She wants you to give a llama to a family in a third-world country, to provide the family with "invaluable sources of transportation, income and wool, which is prized for making blankets, ponchos, carpet and rope."

How, you ask, can I give a llama?

Through the Heifer Project. You can also spend less money and just give a share of a llama. And if a llama does not float your boat, there are many other animals that can improve the lives of families in need. A pig, bunnies, geese...

I promise you that if this child has a llama given in her name, we will make an audio post singing the llama song.

Other charities are also Of The Good. You know RAINN has always been my favorite; they're now in the process of launching the first online rape crisis hotline, and need your financial help to get that started.

So yeah. Books and DVDs would be supercool. And ThinkGeek has some great shirts. But there are people in need, too. So I can't go out just pursuing stuff for me.

Llama, y'all. :)

UK option: OxFam offers donkeys, goats, calvels, and camels!

PayPal: A few of you have asked for a PayPal button to donate small amounts towards a llama; here it is! Please only donate via PayPal if you are donating less than's minimum amount of $20. Donations of $20 or more should go through We'd prefer to handle as little money as possible, because it gets complicated and because we'll be taking a hit on PayPal fees. Plus you don't get a tax break if you don't give straight to them.

But for the $5 and $10 donations - yep, let's gather up some llama money!

Llama total as of 11:45 AM: One and one-thirds llama(s)!
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