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Best. Judge. Evar.

An Ohio woman has been sentenced to spend a night in the woods without water, food or light, as punishment for abandoning 33 kittens.

Painesville Municipal Court Judge Michael A. Cicconetti handed down the sentence today to animal rescuer Michelle M. Murray, 25. On Sept. 19, park rangers found the kittens abandoned in two parks in Mentor, Ohio.

When authorities traced the animal abandonment to Murray, they said, she told them that she left the kittens because she was moving and having personal problems.

Murray pleaded guilty to abandoning domestic animals, a second-degree misdemeanor. She could have faced 90 days in jail and a $750 fine, but Judge Cicconetti decided to impose a more unusual sentence.

This isn't Cicconeti's first unusual sentence.

He has ordered a man who hollered "pigs" to police officers to stand on a street corner next to a pig. He also made a man charged with playing his car stereo too loudly sit in the woods in order to appreciate silence.

Cicconeti also punished a group of high school students who vandalized school buses by making them throw a picnic for a group of grade-school students whose outing was canceled because of the stunt.

Seriously. Best judge evar.
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