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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to jasmine_koran!

Hello to new readers owned_by_him and sandandsilk!

Just the usual, thus far.

"I can make a song of oh foofy love"
Katamari Damacy music is weird.

"Ronnie's got a new gun"
Escape Club's "Wild Wild West" is incredibly dated - remember when we were headin' for the nineties, livin' in the eighties? - but still lots of fun to sing.

Wednesday TV
Lunchtime poll: How many of you are watching Veronica Mars? Because it continues to rock my world.

South Park is going to get their asses sued by the Church of Scientology over last night's episode. As acknowledged by the final minutes, and by changing everyone's name in the credits to John or Jane Smith. What I loved most about the episode: They actually had to display "THIS IS WHAT SCIENTOLOGISTS ACTUALLY BELIEVE" on the screen during their description of what Scientologists actually believe, because otherwise it really would scan as the sort of thing South Park would make up. Check out Operation Clambake for more info.

Drawn Together is indescribably on crack. Like whoa. And it's been renewed!
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