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docorion, upon reading the nanosong posts of last night and this morning: "So it's an autobiographical novel, is it?"

Me: "Kindasorta in places, yeah."

docorion: "I think you need to put a PayPal button up for all the therapy you need just for having this in your brain."

Me: "Oh, sweetie, you know I'd just blow all the money on ale and whores."

This can be a NaNo meta discussion post if any of you have questions. *nod*

(And I'm such an LJwhore; I'm considering making nanosong a paid account just so I can
a) have a Nisar icon and
b) use Component because I like its comment format.)

(EDIT: i_descend bought me paid time! Dude! Thank you!)

EDIT: A bit of the who-was-who:

Tiala: The first Lishaya. In this life, is Julia, who's not born yet when nanosong begins.
Nisar: The first Kithrayn of House L'Arath. In this life, Jeramie.
Airenn: The first Kithrayn of House Narsan - and, in my universe, the first murder victim ever. In nanosong, Joshua - then, when Joshua dies, Kieran is born.
Edward: The Kithrayn of House Lhri'Nahr in the beginning of nanosong; when he dies, Ryan is born.

And I think that's everybody that you wouldn't know. Just - Alanna's older than Kieran and Ryan, so of course there are other Kithrayna then, and that's who they are. Donna and Joshua were lovers, incidentally, and I need to put in a bunch about that, but I've been very tight-focused on just Jeramie and Alanna.
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