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Tew's Day

Happy birthday to besideserato, galdrin and sunspiral!

Just exhaustion + nausea and a little fumbly so far. I think I'm coming up on needing to take an exhaustion day in the nearish future, but I'm trying to push that til later this week or early next - accrue some more sick leave/vacation time so I won't be going without pay.

Boston People - help needed!
For Arisia: They're looking for knowledgeable-about-Boston folks to work the Info desk. Any ideas? Can you send out an AllCall and have them contact kgola on LJ if they're interested? Why, yes, zarhooie. Yes, I can.

is *next week*. Holy cannoli. I need to finalize my menu and make my shopping list. This will serve as note to self: do this tonight.

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