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Phasers on Random

* You know it's Friday when the Director of Undergraduate Studies and I can be set off on a ten-minute giggling jag just by me saying "thingie", as in "I have not made the thingie for that yet."

*giggle giggle*

"Okay, but I will write down your request, and stick it here, so as soon as I make the, the -"


*giggle giggle*

Well, it's a very versatile word.

* One of the grad students made an Indian dumpling thingie! Different sort of thingie. This thingie is made of "potato, garlic, chickpea flour, green paper, and some indian spices." She made mild and spicy versions. The other grad students are chickenshit and only eating the mild version. I had the spicy. Very yum! But I seem to be very mildly allergic to something in it, as my throat and eyes are now itchy. Still. Yummy! And calories!

* My calendar for November is insane. December, only slightly less so. Ditto January.

* I miss Spooky. I wish she was here so we could be exploring stuff.

* Thingie.
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