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Medical Update

Bloodwork: I do not have celiac, thank goodness; she also tested my prealbumin to see if I was digesting nutrients properly, and I seem to be. My iron is low, so I should take vitamins - but it's not low enough for that to be The Problem (clinically, "low iron" is below 10; mine's 24 in a range of 10-200).

X-Ray and Ultrasound: Nada.

She wants to go ahead and do the CT scan Monday. "You're a mom," she says; "I really want to rule this out or catch it early." And I have in my hot little hands a referral to GI for an endoscopy. I'm to go ahead and make the appointment, as it can take a month to get someone in for that - if they catch something on the CT, we can just cancel the endoscopy, but the sooner we get started, the sooner we can get me in there.

Another weigh-in in a month. We are monitoring. "I could put you on IV fluids or put a tube down your throat and get nutrients in you that way, but you'd lose the weight again as soon as we took it out."

I am fascinating.

I am tired.

I am still 87 pounds.

*gulps chocolate milkshake*
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