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Thor's Day

Hello to new reader hilariarex!

The usual. EDIT: Some brainfuckery and wordfuckery.
Primary-care doc appointment today to discuss the X-ray and ultrasound and find out if I need the CT scan. Whee?

8 Hunks
theferrett, there are some technical difficulties; see hanukkah_hunks for details!

The rest of you... *poke* vote! docorion, aussie_nyc, and asim all need more love.

No writing yesterday because the brain was too tired to write well.

...I'm glad I gave myself permission to not beat myself up over this - that I acknowledged that I was taking on Too Much. I will write more tonight, though.

Best way to get added to nanosong is to add nanosong, btw. Comments get lost in my inbox - but I check the info page every time I post there.
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