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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to joemorf!

Hello to new reader bluedressdevil and returning reader mcsnee!

Exhaustion + nausea + some wordfuckery and coordination fuckery.

The cardiologist finally called! He said beta blockers should take care of it, and I'm to call back if they don't. I'm getting the prescription filled today.

I love the "That's the first Jeramie?" and "What happened?" and "I thought he was the one who did the Bad Stuff back then" responses.

I guide y'all to this, first-person from the original villain's perspective, and quote:

"Mine alone... but then there was Nisar, then Kai."
"Nisar eventually found her, brought her to the loving arms of the Talthar Kithrayna."

See? First bad guy = never been first Jeramie.

What happened to Nisar to make him the sort of person who can do what Jeramie does, you ask?

*inscrutable authorial smile*

*fails "inscrutable authorial smile" roll and bounces excitedly*

You'll find out. In the course of this story. I hadn't thought that I'd be telling you about the Fall in this, but I've found that it's necessary to explain Jeramie.

I love my job, where my job = writing, not my Day Job.

Mostly-rhetorical Question
If you can't interpretive car-dance to Erasure, what can you interpretive car-dance to?
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