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8 Hunks of Hanukkah is a go!

Quoting theferrett:


The final stage of the 8 Hunks of Hanukkah is up! You now have a hundred and two pieces of beefcake to look at, but only eight will make the final cut for the extra-special photo shoot.

1) Go to and create an account with a valid email address. (If you've been reading this journal, you know how much I hate spammers, so don't worry. It's just to prevent bot abuse.)

2) An email will be sent to your account with an activation link. Click on the link to activate your account and log in.

3) Once you're logged in, go to to look at the nominees and vote. (The photos have been thumbnailed to 7k extravaganzas, but you can click on an individual's photo to see a larger image, if he's provided one.) You can vote for as many Hunks as you'd like, but only eight will be chosen for the extra-special rundown.

4) After you've voted, go to to see how your guys are doing!

And voting will likely be very sloooow, as I expect my server to get hammered for a bit. If you wanna help, and you should, link to the index page as opposed to the page with all the pretty pictures.

Go! Vote! Have fun!

Voting runs through the end of November. The eight top-scoring Hunks will then have til Christmas Eve to get me their additional pics so I can post them during Chanukah.

Pass this on!
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