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Tew's Day

Hello to new readers dan4th and lifecollage!

The usual. The exhaustion is such that I wouldn't have come in today had I not missed most of yesterday (the ultrasound was uneventful, as such things are). I really need to nap today. I didn't all last week, I think. Bad 'song.

EDIT: CT scan rescheduled for Monday at noon (come in at 11:30).

We have our hotel room for Arisia! Quiet block, because while I can sleep through a punk band practicing in the next room (and have), Adam can't so much. :) If you're going to Arisia, reserve your room now!

I need to decide how many panels I want to be on, make my commitments, and write my damn bio. *decisive nod* And design ribbons for the Gimp Squad, which is apparently Arisia-official now, and the Kilt Inspection Team.

Shooting Star #6
techempage, your comic came back as undeliverable! Please e-mail your address to me at

Has everyone else received their comic?

Nothing yesterday due to much-needed R&R and Getting Shit Done (Thanksgiving, $WINTERHOLIDAY, and Arisia planning), but hey, epiphany. I shall get my ass back in gear today.

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