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* Have uploaded all Hanukkah Hunk pics, and have written til my brain went spla.

* It is good to have confirmation via various comments that I'm not being too heavy-handed about a particular thing storywise, as at least some really attentive people haven't seized upon it yet, and you're not supposed to. Yet. *gives self gold star*

* This weekend = much fun. Geek pre-courtship rituals consist partly of listing all one's faults, I find. "I see your moody and irascible and raise you my stubborn and hot-tempered!" And, y'know, kissing good. :)

* No, I am not On The Market... this kinda doesn't violate the moratorium on anything new, because this person and I have been in each other's Possible columns for about two years now.

* Me to him: "And these two people are in the Possible column. And The Girl. Well... The Girl is in the Probable column. ... Ah, hell, The Girl is in the Inevitable column."

* *waves to The Girl*

* Actually, there's a funny story about the CT scan, except it's not actually that funny. Tomorrow morning for that.

* I should go to sleep, shouldn't I?
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