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Why I only have an hour a day to write

Taken from a comment to a similarly-frustrated friend...

Heh. Scene from Monday:

Elayna: Mommy, wait for me to finish my homework so we can both write at the same time!
Me: Okay.
Me: *putters around the house*
Me: You ready yet?
Elayna: No, but you can go write.
Me: You won't bother me?
Elayna: Nope.


5 minutes and three sentences later...

Elayna: Mommy, I want dinner before I start writing; can you help me open this soup can?
Me: Elayna! Remember how you just said "go ahead and write"?
Elayna: ...oh yeah.

And dear gods, she's loud. She doesn't walk. She galumphs. Like the Jabberwock.
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