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Addendum to last night's post

In which it was asked when Writing Time is, so one could avoid being kicked in the head...

I only have one hour of alone-time per day. The hour is 1 PM-2 PM. (I can't always rely upon being home before 1.)

For the month of November, that hour is sacred; if you call me during that hour, you will be kicked in the head.

Yes, this counts even if you're nonlocal. I will simply make a note of it for the future and kick you in the head when next I see you. I see a lot of you at Arisia. I can put this on my Arisia schedule.

10:00 - LJ panel
3:00 - BDSM & Geekdom panel
5:00 - Kick [person] in the head for disrupting writing time on 11/2

So. Writing time = 1-2, and other times as posted.

avivasedai asked how to avoid naptime, too; that's 3-5, if it happens. And you can try calling then. The phone won't wake me, if I *am* sleeping, and I hear Elayna's an entertaining conversationalist. And she will refuse to wake me unless Adam, docorion, Grandma, or Grandpa says it's an emergency.


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It's sucking; my brain is tired. :(
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