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A very focused mini-review of Spider-Man: The Other

None of this is spoilery if you have read any comics magazines or websites anytime in 2005. Or know anyone who has. Or anything.

Issue #1: Issue happens. Last page: Doctor: "Spider-Man, your bloodwork? Not good. Something so bad I can't tell you over the phone." (Paraphrase. These are all paraphrases, becase I'm too lazy to go get the comics and quote directly.) End issue.

Issue #2: Issue happens. Last two pages: MJ: "Peter, you have a death wish." "Peter: "No, I don't! Because, see, I got these test results and I don't like 'em, no sirree." We see a sheet of paper. MJ weeps.

Issue #3: Issue happens. A few references to Peter not feeling up to snuff. Last page: Aunt May: "Peter, what the hell is wrong with you?" Peter: "I don't want to burden you."

Okay, so we're three issues into a 12-issue series about Peter being terminally ill, and we haven't bloody well found out what's wrong with him yet. Enough teasing! Reveal the freakin' spider-cancer already! This is getting annoying!

Yes, our order from Westfield Comics came today, and I want credit for doing my writing before diving into the comics. :)

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