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Happy Halloween!

Happy birthday to nukewolf and rafaela!

Hello to new reader gardenfey!

Exhaustion + nausea, but that's it for now.

Costume, or lack thereof
In the "Why did I not see this coming?" department... the Jedi costume? That mightywombat made for me? Back when we were dating? In 2002? Is, of course, way too big on me. Seeing as I weighed 40+ more then. *headslap* Ditto Trek-chick. So. I am costumeless. Ah well.

Jeramie and Alanna
Over the weekend, I posted two versions of their portrait by the incredibly talented m0usegrrl: in black and white, and then in color. :)

The prologue to my NaNoWriMo will be Alanna's side of the first half of this scene (very spoilery for the end of Act Two).

Warning to those who intend the NaNo to be their first Shayara experience - the NaNo is bass-ackwards! Basically, I'm taking the entire series and looking at it from the POV of the bad guys. You're supposed to hate, fear, and despise Alanna. In the NaNo... well, you'll at least have sympathy, because you'll know how she *got* that way.

Songs listened to in the car
"This is Halloween", two versions of "Tam Lin" (Steeleye Span and Tempest), and "Everyday (is Halloween)" by Ministry. :)

Adam just brought me another stufftie for the Shadesong Home for Species Dysphoria: A bear dressed as a cat. Avec pumpkin trick-or-treat bag. *bounce*
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