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We need an adjective.

kires says:

Imagine lightning strikes, like, ten or twenty feet away. Blinding flash, takes over your brain. So. (Stop that.) (I'm going to pee on you.) (And just like that, it all went so horribly, horribly wrong.) (And now there shall be the ceremonial gnawing off of the leg. *Kires descends to leg* *'song squeaks like a chew toy* *'song stops directly transcribing and asks that you ignore all parenthetical statements*)

(Kires: "So who are you and why the jibbering fuck have you come to my planet?"
Kires: "That's spelled with a "g"."
'song: "I like it better with a "j".
Kires: "Oookay.")

So. Lightning.

(*massive gigglefits* Kires: "Oh, Christ.")

So. Lightning.

Big huge blinding flash of lightning right near you. When something hits that close, there is an utter and complete silence in your brain. A temporary silence, mind... truncated by the profoundly imminent arrival of the thunder.

We need an adjective for the qualities of that silence. The profound, stark, inexorably doomed, ridiculously brief, all-encompassing nature of it. Being nearly instantly destroyed by the fact and nature of its existence.


Now we are going to go see about some dinner. So he can not eat my leg. Not much good eatin' on my leg, anyway.

(*Kires belches*)
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