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Answers to FAQs from the Say Anything post and e-mail

* No, you didn't miss me posting Adam's-and-my wedding pics; I am a lazy bastard and have yet to scan them. I won't friends-lock them when I post them. Actually, I'll probably create a wedding webpage for that and just post a link and a teaser pic or two.

* No, docorion doesn't have his November schedule yet, so I'm still not sure exactly when I'll be in Boston... yes, his company sucks re: schedule posting. They always have. :(

* Yes, I will post snippets of Alanna's story throughout November. The less-triggery bits. I think I'll be posting the whole thing in nanosong as I go - we'll see.

* Re: Hurricane Wilma: Yes, my family's fine; they lost a tree, a bit of fence, and some roof shingles, is all. They got their power back yesterday.

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