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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to nicked_metal!

Hello to new reader kewlnonutz and, um, whichever other new reader Joule's not picking up!

Exhaustion + nausea.

What I'm writing, for those unaware: The intertwined story of the two "villains" of Shayara, from their point of view.

Which will be brain-breaky. But it's been struggling to come out of me for some time, and this seems like a good way - bring it all out at once, huge cathartic thing.

I'll be starting at the end of the battle, then jumping back to Alanna's arrival in Shayara and her first encounter with age four. Yeah. Big story much? It'll hopscotch a bit through the early years, and start following her more consistently in her early teens, when the real involvement starts to happen.

I'll likely post excerpts, but a lot of this will probably be brain-breaky and traumatic for the reader, too; this is less a writing-for-publication thing than a background thing so I can understand the two of them better and write them more consistently...

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