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Tew's Day

Happy birthday to katfireblade!

Same old. EDIT: Okay, bad brainfuckery. Whoa.

It's Rex Manning Lemony Snicket Day!
Today's the day you've all - well, some of you have - been waiting for! The day the twelfth and, shall we say, penultimate book in the Series of Unfortunate Events is released! *rubs hands together in glee*

Snicket Snicket Snicket. That's fun to say.


Also: There's a Series of Unfortunate Events cootie catcher at that link! Fun.

Legend of Zorro
Thanks to eugie, we got to see Legend of Zorro on a preview pass last night! 'Twas very fun. :) Elayna laughed appropriately at all the bits they put in For The Kids, too. :)

Yes, have some.
That's what I wrote on the post-it note I put on the sour gummies Adam bought for Elayna last night, that she did not want, that I am therefore giving to the Starving Grad Students.

As I told the man who'll definitely be giving me a back rub when he visits in November, if not (and most likely) more, quoting Ghostbusters gives you lots of points with me.

One of these days, I need to tabulate what gives you points and how many you get. I've often said, when I find out that male friends are bisexual or Mac geeks, that they've just gotten 30% sexier. How does that translate into the point system? How do Princess Bride quotes translate? Do they? I think I expect everyone to quote Princess Bride. Less so Ghostbusters. Clue is a *total* panty-peeler.

Right, then. My medication is brainweirding me. Iiiii'll be over here.
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