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Hello to new reader kaylee!

The usual, but more severe than usual. The Walk? Maybe not such a good idea, without anyone to pace me and keep me from busting my ass overmuch. EDIT: Brainfuckery, coordination fuckery. Wordfuckery. Shortness of breath, chest pressure.

Girl Scouts
Elayna loves her new troop. Yay! And the troop leader seems very nifty. They learned to knit yesterday. Or, um, started to try to learn to knit yesterday. :)

How social behavior helps dolphins in their ecosystem
That was the title of Elayna's first big-girl research paper. She wrote her rough draft over the weekend. kid's a good writer. I'm impressed.

Is busted. Nine days out of warranty. Grr. Adam is going to call around and see what can be done for it; in the meantime, we're stuck listening to his highly inferior iPod on the way to work, and CDs on the way home. Poo. A week til the Great Big Sea CD comes out, too, so I don't even have new music to lessen the blow.

8 Hunks
Spent a chunk of yesterday uploading pictures of hot guys. As docorion would say, "Pauvre the Shadesong."

Damn, I'm tired.
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