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Hanukkah Hunks

This was a really fun idea back when I thought I'd have maybe 20 guys doing it.

There are nearly 350 guys.

And a few girls in drag. And a cat two cats, a dog, a stuffed moose, and some geostationary weather satellites. Hey, I don't judge.

I am almost done clicking over to the LJs for all the free users and leaving the rules/deadline as a comment. (Paid users got 'em at their address.) Some of these guys done have an e-mail address listed and don't allow non-friend comments, so I have *no* way to get them the info. *shrug* Next year I'll have it all up front.

Jesus fuck, did I just say next year? Oy. Let me get through this year first...

EDIT: Done!

Is it wrong of me to want to disqualify some of these people on the basis of inability to spell? To want to require an IQ test or something? Okay, it is, because if I'm not going to discriminate based on being a stuffed animal, I really can't discriminate based on lack of intelligence. Hrmph.
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