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Quick takes

* The weather is wonderful. :)

* I have done laundry and stuff, and hung my "Beware of Bats" sign on the front door behind the gel bats (which are on the glass door in front of the front door), and will now bring the boxes of Halloween decorations upstairs so Layni and I can decorate when she gets home, after she cleans up.

* I'm going to take a walk.

* I had a nice conversation with my dad. Note: for all the griping I do about family drama, that's 98% my mom. Mom drives me batshit crazy. I really like my dad.

* My sister has moved out. *le gasp* Not only that... my sister moved out while my parents were on vacation. They came back to find her gone. They've talked to her since, but they haven't *seen* her since. Dad doesn't understand why. I told him. "She doesn't want to deal with Mom." Gods. Just imagining that scene.... actually, I hope she doesn't see them again til Thanksgiving, as that'll take the intense wrath-of-Mom focus off of me almost entirely.

* Dad's still paying for my sister's car. *closes eyes, shakes head* She's 27. She's never had to pay rent. (She's still not; she's living with Steve.) And Dad pays for her car and insurance. "Dad, you know you've given her a hell of a sweet deal, right?"

Dad, helplessly: "She can't handle things like you can."

Me: "If you made her handle 'em, she'd learn how."

He says he's only paying for the car through December, through her internship. Then she has to get a job and pay for her own car. And insurance, and gas, and cell phone, and movie tickets, and food... yeah. Just imagine me nodding and smiling.

It's just... I think it's not good for her. She's not going to be a very functional person if she never has any responsibilities. I had more responsibilities at age 14 than she does at age 27.

* I got another $50 for the AIDS Walk this morning, campaigning at work. Go me!

* Panera cinnamon-crunch bagels = crack. Crack crack crack. *bounce*

* I'm going to go on that walk now. :)
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