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Happy birthday to sophocles!

Happy early birthday to desayunoencama, who advances a year over the weekend!

Just the usual so far.

Great Big Sea!
I have six of the songs from the new album! FYI, River Driver is the new almost-a capella-song for us to sing along with all full-voice in concert.

I've been told that I sing well when I'm not afraid of using my voice. Which is why I'd like voice lessons someday - not because I think I'll ever be a fabulous singer, but I'd like to learn to not automatically stumble and retract when someone looks at me when I'm singing. But with songs like "Old Brown's Daughter", "River Driver", and "General Taylor", I'm not afraid; I use my whole voice, and it's lots of fun. So. Very happy to have a new song for that. :)

And I get to see them in April, no matter where I'm living; they'll be hitting Atlanta and Boston in the same week. Yay!

Girl Scouts!
They found a new troop for Elayna! First meeting is this Sunday. Which coincides with the AIDS Walk, so Adam has to find a ride, or they'll have to take a cab. Because dude, finally.

She's really excited about this. :)

AIDS Walk!
Sunday Sunday Sunday!

Click here to donate!

If you don't read LJ overnight... this post is getting interesting discussion in comments. You might like to join. *nod*

Friday Memeage...
Black T-shirt, black leather blazer, jeans; skinny-cow socks, "413: Entity requested is too large" panties.

The Miocene Arrow by Sean McMullen.

Playing around with Julia and Capri's first meeting.

Got to buy pumpkins tonight or tomorrow, and decorate tomorrow. Sunday - AIDS Walk!

(Thursday, docorion will be here!)
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