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museumfreak: "How long is long enough to wait, when you've gotten a girl's number? So's not to seem desperate?"
yendi: "When did you get it?"
museumfreak: "Saturday."
yendi: "Today's Wednesday - today's good. It's not like you're calling on Sunday or anything."
shadesong: "Calling on Sunday would have been bad?"
yendi: "Generally."
shadesong: "Oh." *pause* "I would have called on Sunday."
yendi, indulgently: "I know, sweetie."

I get new-person fascination, I get little-r NrE (speaking of which, 10 months with docorion and I'm still in big-R NRE!); I have to actively fight that in order to not be what sibylla would call "a big weirdie". Except that I would be a little weirdie, for lo, I am wee. When I meet someone shiny, I just want to sit down with them and get their entire life story and give them mine and oh, no, sleep over tonight so we can talk more tomorrow, 'k? 'K. It is very like "Whee!"

And... other people aren't like that. So a lot of my interpersonal communication involves me sort of sitting on my hands as tiiime craaaawls as we operate on a normal-person schedule. And I get all fidgety.

So if I'm out for coffee with you and I get all infodump-y, it's just that you're verra shiny.

And I'll probably e-mail you the next day.
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