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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to rustymarble!

The usual, thus far.
Managed to remember to bring my heart monitor back yesterday - go me! The nurse says that if I don't hear from the doctor by Friday, I should call on Monday. *nod*

What came out yesterday was Julia and Capri's first meeting, and Julia's interesting reaction to same. Damn, I like it that the writerbrain's back.

Interesting reaction being nonsexual. I know I talk a bit about their relationship, but that's down the road - when they meet, Julia's very feral, very cagey, and ain't nobody layin' a hand on her; Capri's the first girl she becomes attracted to, and that doesn't happen til she gets to know her pretty damn well.

No. When Julia first sees Capri, she has a bit of a shock - because it's the first time in her life she's ever seen anyone who looks anything like her. The girl who's gone her whole life among humans, feeling like an alien - then meeting Dasaroi, but of different Houses - finally sees someone who looks like family.

It's not a surprising reaction, when I think about it; I just didn't know about it til it came out of my pen.

I'm a heathen; I found the overwhelming McKean-ness distracting. I liked the movie, mind. Just - distracty.

I promise I will continue answering questions soon.

EDIT: And lo, I have done so!

If you haven't asked/told, come on and do so. If you have, you can do so again.
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