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Odin's Day

The usual, but the nausea's rather extreme. EDIT: Tongue tingly, bit of visionfuckery and brainfuckery.

Dude! Thanks to texmorgan, I'm $35 away from my $500 fundraising goal!

Click here to sponsor me!

(liamstliam, that link worked for Tex - if it's still not working for you, I sent you my legal name at the address listed on your userinfo page.)

(unwilly, I apparently walked 6K yesterday just in the course of my normal day, so don't worry.)

Coming up, by request: Janos ("on stairs!") and Lyric. Um, separately, because they never meet.

Mood improving
You can tell because I'm writing again - and singing in the car again. Today was "Old Brown's Daughter" by Great Big Sea, which is just lots of fun to sing. :)

Coming Out Day
I was offline most of yesterday and pretty much totally missed it - but I think all of you guys know that I'm bi, poly, pagan, and kinky. And if you didn't, well, you do now. *nod*.
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