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Tew's Day

How can it only be Tuesday?

Day 5 of sleep dep.
As regards side effects - the usual.

8 Hunks of Hanukkah
The rules!

1. Pictures must be in .jpg format.
2. Pictures must be no larger than 700x700.
3. No more than four pictures per Hunk. Feel free to take more - if you're one of the top eight Hunks, your extra pics will be displayed during Chanukah itself! But only send me up to four now.
4. Ferrett says "no buns or weiners". Aw. :( I, however, am fine with buns-n-weiners for the top eight Hunks, for pics I'll host; Ferrett's rule is because he's donating the bandwidth for the voting process, and he's made that agreement with his webhost.
5. Send all pics to hanukkah.hunks AT; include your LJname.
6. The deadline is Halloween. If I don't have your pics by Halloween, you're out of luck, boys.

I need to send a mass e-mail to that effect today. *nod*

No one cares about character snapshots? *snif* Fine.

(Not that I care; I'll do 'em when I feel like it anyway.)

That is all for now. Sleepy 'song.
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