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Yes, again.

Ask me a question.

Tell me a secret.

EDIT: Note that you can tell me a secret without asking me a question, if you've none to ask, and vice versa...

What's the best part of Halloween?
Trick-or-treating with Elayna. She gets so excited!

If you had wings, what would they look like? Angel wings, faery wings? Colours, size, position... I want specifics. Were you born with them or were they sewn on? tell me. I need to know.
Like so.

Isn't it amazing how much steam comes off of hot peas?
It is verra pretty!

If you had to live your life over, is there anything you would handle differently?
I don't know. My immediate instinct is to say no, because if I did something differently, would I have Adam, Elayna, etc.?

who nominated me?
No clue, man. It really is anonymous!

Whats the status of the move? I followed the link on your journal to beowabbit and he mentions selling the house and moving, does this effect the move?
It does - in that we no longer know what our address is going to be. *wry smile* We're still moving, we're still moving to Malden, it'll just be to a different house.

did you see Curse of the Were-Rabbit yet?
Yep - yesterday. Loved it!

What would you do if you thought you had nothing left?
Don't know, honey. I tend to cling to the ledge by my fingernails out of sheer tenacity...

How do you make the long distance relationship work for you without constantly missing the other person?
Heh. I miss him every day, every hour. I miss him like a phantom limb.

What's the first song on the soundtrack to your life?
"We Shall Come Home", by Oysterband.

How soon are you going to be able to move?
Soon as Adam gets a job. In other words - no clue. The wheels of HR in academia turn very slowly. And yes, the uncertainty is driving me mad.

If you could have a themed / fancy dress party that all LJ fList could attend, what would the theme be and why?
Labyrinth. I imprinted hard on that movie, and oh, that masquerade ball...

Is there anything I can do? A real, concrete task that would make your life easier in some way? Virtua-hugs and "I wish you weren't sick because it makes me feel vaugely uncomfortable and aware of my own mortal frailty" platitudes don't seem helpful.
I really wish there was. Enough people ask this that if there *was* something, I'd probably be taken care of.

...I need to rest. That's not something anyone but the lottery can give me.

Since you have frontal lobe epillepsy, do you have the "close to god" type seizires or the "stare into space" kind?
I have temporal lobe epilepsy, actually. My seizures look like staqring into space... there are variances on how they feel from the inside, though. Sometimes they feel like my brain is slowly falling, like Alice down the hole into Wonderland. (Carroll was epileptic.) Sometimes I just blink out and blink back in. Sometimes they feel like this.

What are your top five desert island CDs?
See, I have an iPod so I never have to think about this!

Hm. "Little Earthquakes", by Tori. "Swagger", by Flogging Molly. "Pretty Hate Machine", by NIN. I'll think on this.

Do you ever feel like you run out of love for the people in your life?
Never. :) The more people, the more love. I get all explodey with it!

What did you think of me when we met?
Adam and I both wished you could stick around for longer - you seemed like the type of person we'd just really enjoy hanging out with long-term. We also agreed that you were lovely. :)

How and when did you meet docorion?
"I met him at the candy store... he turned around and smiled at me - you get the picture?" "Yes, we see." "That's how I fell for - the Leader of the Pack!"

*ahem* Sorry. Raised on doo-wop.

Mmm. Met him online through the poly-Boston folks who I met through volta, who I was then dating, who I met through wispfox, who I met through theferrett. We started e-mailing back and forth, and I developed a big crush on his brain (had no idea what he looked like)... I kept talking myself down, telling myself that there might not be any an-person chemistry...

I went to Arisia '05, knowing he'd be there. And as I was browsing the flyer table on the mezzanine, I heard from behind me "You must be Shadesong." And I turned, and there was this... really luscious man. In a very nice cloak. Who said, "I'm [DocOrion's realname]." And he hugged me and wow.

And we went out to what was dessert for me and dinner-and-dessert for him, and I could barely speak, and FYI, that's how you know when I'm smitten. Normally I'm a chatterbox. When I'm way in crush on someone who I consider out of my league, I can't speak for fear of making a fool of myself. But fortunately, he read my blushes and quietness for what they were, and... things blossomed from there. Yay. :)

How do you cope?
Because I have to. No other option. Particularly when one has a kid. When one has a kid, one is a role model 24 hours a day, and one does not have the luxury of giving up. Not unless that's what one wants to teach one's child to do.

How did you get into my dream last night, even though I've never met you in person or had much of a discussion with you online?
I doooon't know. But that happens often. :)

What did it feel like when you discovered you liked to be tied down?
Felt *right*.

Have you queried any publishers/agents yet?
Nope. Haven't got anything that feels *done*.

Do the characters from your various writing projects ever interact in your head? ex: someone from Shayara with someone from walking on water?
Well, Walking on Water's nonfiction - memoir - so no. :) But the answer in general is still no. The worlds I write in a very, very different.

Do you want to have lunch?
We did yesterday, but we can do it again. :)

which do you prefer: sky or desert, sand or bone?
Ocean! But of your list, bone. There's a purity to it.

what do you love about women?
Heh. You would have to ask that when I'm in a "98% of all women are psycho hosebeasts" phase. (Correction from kires: "Thundercunts." He loves that word.)

So I'll answer purely physically: curves. Men are straight lines, are angles; women are graceful curves.

How many pairs of panties do you own?
Um. Many? *counts* One, two, three... many. *nod* Truly, I don't know.

Who nominated me
Don't know this one either, and that goes for all the nominations. The process truly is 100% anonymous.

What do you do in your LDR to feel close to each other when you can't be together?
We make sure to talk every day.

Why did it have to be [Serenity spoiler]? WHY?!!
Because Joss is evil.

What are the exact ethics around leaving one job after being there for a couple weeks because a better one falls on your doorstep?
I wouldn't have a problem with that - long as you have faith in the second one. Because if you leave the first for the second, and the second doesn't pan out, the first isn't going to take you back. (And as for your secret - damn. E-mail?)

Yep. It worked. Want to come back and ask a question?

What skill do you most wish you had, but feel you do not?
I wish I could draw; Shayara scenes appear whole in my head, and I wish I could translate them myself. And I wish I could sing.

What could you use more of in your diet? Vitamin C? Fiber? Karma-karma-karma-karma-chameleons?
Definitely karma chameleons. They come and go. They come and go.

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