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Happy birthday to kungfoogirl!

Hello to new readers peterchayward and ulitave!

The usual. (EDIT: Mild brainfuckery, coordination and vision fuckery. Tongue tingly. More exhausted than usual, because the itchy + pain kept waking me up.) Plus, yay, not pregnant. Ow.
Need to call primary care doc today to get a referral for my neurologist - stupid HMO, I need a new referral every October - and to talk to her about the weight loss and see if there's something she can give me for my reaction to the electrodes, because I'm in considerable pain.

8 Hunks
A bunch of people got the news late, so I extended acceptances through the weekend and will close them now. I'll finish it up today - everyone should have confirmation from me by the end of the day. *nod*

I'm doing Ondine. Yes, I know that you can't continue an existing work for NaNo - so I'll scrap the whole three, five pages I have and start anew. I have a new spot of insight there, thanks to docorion.

It's not so much with the kid-friendly, unfortunately - but that's just because it's spooky, not because of sex and violence and whatnot.
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