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This is me expanding on why visiting Elayna's school yesterday was something that helped to lift the depression. *nod*

First: Understand that I'm not a fan of kids-in-general. These-Kids-Today are rude and uneducated and, well, like any humans in groups, they suck.

I have actually been told, by people who have observed me with Elayna, that I should be a teacher. I look at these people incredulously and laugh in their faces. In no way do I have the patience to be a teacher. The kids would drive me batshit crazy in the span of a week. Less. I mean, I need a break from my own kid every so often, and that's one kid, and she's mine, and she's intelligent and a good person and funny and all of that. A class full of them? Every day? Oh hell no.

So it surprises me that going to Elayna's school was such a spirit-lifter. Though it really oughtn't to.

It's not just the teachers. Although dude, it rocks to have the Gifted teacher grab you as you're walking down the hall just to tell you how brilliant your kid is. And to hear how well she's doing, how good she is, from all of the other teachers who work with her.

But one of the things that got me was the mini-chorus of "Hi, Elayna's Mom!" when I walked in. And getting to hear about A's new story, and see M's new horse drawings. Hearing about projects. This is something that I love when talking to grownups - tell me what you're passionate about. And these kids are just beginning.

These are good kids. And I like them.

I should volunteer at school more, when I can. I should remember that it cheers me up.

And going to the book fair rocked, too.
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