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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to ellen_kushner!

Hello to new readers artsycub, infomagic, and pecunium, and welcome back to returning reader waterowl!

The usual. EDIT: A bit of wordfuckery.
I'm getting the 48-hour holter heart minotaur put on today, right after work.
And I'm... not under orders from Sir, but under heavy advice from docorion to call my primary care doctor re: the weight thing. He says I've got about ten pounds leeway until he himself would want me on IV fluids for weight gain.

Food Log
For this, I am under orders from Sir. *laugh*
Breakfast: Two Nutri-grain whole wheat waffles. Cup and a half of coffee (black).
Snack: One Samoa cookie.
Lunch: Peanut butter sandwich on honey wheat bread. Glass of water.
Dinner: Heaping plate of tuna casserole (including extra sliced mushrooms and broccoli). Glass of water.
Dessert: Three Double Stuf Oreos. Glass of milk.

In accordance with prophecy my general tendency to create an LJ community if ever there's even one person other than me who's doing something... hey! I've made nanofamily for families participating in NaNoWriMo together. shugenja, you should go join. Likewise any others of you who decide to do this with kids.

Elayna and I have created a NaNo LJ for her. It is the most revoltingly adorable thing I have ever seen. It is nanofishie. (I call particular loved ones "fishie". I have - *thinks* - five fishies. Two of them have fur.) I'm sure she'd love encouragement from people once she starts, especially her real-life friends like gwynraven and envoy.

She already knows what she's going to write - the second in her sci-fi mystery series. I'm the one who's hung up on it. I feel like, since this is going to be a family project, I should write something that she'd be allowed to read. Which cuts out a lot. Because I generally have a whole lot of Wrongness in my stories. I could write Alice's story, since that feels like it's going to be young-adult-ish - but since it takes place in Shayara after the series proper ends, I wouldn't be able to show anyone anything! And I like the encouragement. Especially if I'm going to be busting my ass like this, encouragement would be good.


Thanks, docorion and bjorng!

I'm up to $365. Help me get to my goal of $500! Sponsor me! :)
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