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First Paragraphs meme

Works in Progress...

Walking on Water
Crystal meth, aka meth or speed or crank, is the #1 drug in Las Vegas. I figure it's because the city literally never sleeps, so everybody wants to stay awake for the whole show.

On one packet of speed, which produces four lines for the novice, you and a friend can be high all weekend. It's cheaper than coke, and it works longer. I was doing a whole packet by myself, at the end.

Places You Haunt
Doodle stopped beside the mural of Crystal Jones…he pressed his fingers to his lips, then to her painted forehead. “Our lady of lost causes,” he whispered and moved on.

(Maggie's Story)
They remind me of Hiroshima ghosts, powder flash-printed on the walls - but the strobe light flashes and they move. Not the silhouettes, then, but real ghosts, angular movement just a little short of realtime.

They would be ghosts, if I'd done my job.

“You’re sure this is what she wants?” Jeff yelled over the incessant pounding of the stereo.

I nodded wearily. “Yes. Just like it was the last time you asked. And make the next left.”

He did, just a little too fast for comfort. He would fit in just fine with Electra’s crowd. Reckless single-minded bastard.

When I was nine years old, my mother walked into my bedroom to find that I had managed to meticulously hog-tie myself with a chain made of rubber bracelets. She stared, speechless for a moment, then hesitantly asked, “Are you all right?”

He fascinates me because I do not understand him.

Oh, there are other reasons. Of course there are other reasons. But the reason he still fascinates me like this – the reason I can’t keep from picking this scab – is because I don’t understand. And I need to understand.

I wonder if he knows how much power he really had. And I wonder if he had any plan on what to actually do with it, or if he was just going to keep spinning it higher and higher.

The Fall
She was mine first.

She loved everyone. Of course she loved everyone. She helped create us.

And none of us could ever forget that.

But I was the one she gravitated toward first. Shyly. She'd been with the Father-god before, but I was her first Dasaroi; I'd say she seduced me, but there was none of that in her, no guile. She was hesitant - tucking her hair behind her ear, looking up at me with love and trust, her hand caressing my cheek.

Please, she said. Let me show you.

(Telenias, Learning)
The city was an assault on Alexander’s senses from the first moment: hot as a blast furnace. Noisy. And crowded, packed shoulder-to-shoulder with…them. Revolting half-brained things.

Humans. Full humans.

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