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AIDS Walk Atlanta

Okay! On October 16th, I'll be participating in AIDS Walk Atlanta for the third year in a row.

What does this mean to you, the reader?

*charming smile*

Please click here to sponsor me!

I limit myself to two charity drives a year, this and Blog-A-Thon; this is the second and last of the year. Rest assured that I'll quit bugging you after this one. :)

This is a 5K. In past years, that's rated as nothing big. These days... it's a bit more impact-y for my body. But it's worth it to raise money for AIDS research and programs to help people. Anything I can do is worth it.

So please sponsor me. Throw in what you can; every little bit adds up. Please? (Edit: I forgot - they have a $25 minimum! Smaller donations can be PayPalled to shadesong AT, and I'll put 'em in.)

And pimp it around.

Thanks. :)
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