Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong


Just got off the phone with my sister. Who called yesterday to chat with Elayna (she and I never chat) and, in the process, tell her that she was coming up for Thanksgiving.

So today, she called to talk to me. "Did Elayna tell you I was coming up for Thanksgiving?"


"I'm bringing Steve."

Now, I'd heard hide nor hair of the Steve thing since shortly after that shitfit of Mom's in May '02. I'd given that up as sort of a dropped plotline in my family's life. Like the uncle on a TV series who fades away and is never again mentioned after he tests poorly with initial audiences. But Steve still exists. Steve, my sister says, went to Dad's birthday dinner Friday night. Steve's coming to Thanksgiving.

Okay. I told her that that was great, and that I'd love to meet Steve; we talked about him a bit, and she seems pretty serious about him. So - good! And we talked about the Boston move (she's seriously in favor) and random stuff. Et cetera.

But something struck me as interesting.

See, my sister never calls. And this was two calls in a row, both on the same topic, both progressing along the same topic.

And my sister doesn't do air travel. Terrifies her. This'll be only the second time she's visited Atlanta. Out of character.

And she sounded a bit cagey.

And both of those calls came from a Miami number, not from my parents' house (yes, she's in her late 20s and still lives with them).

I wonder if my parents know that Steve is coming to Thanksgiving.

Given that there's already going to be quiet warfare over the Boston move, my parents meeting docorion for the first time, and me possibly being outed as poly, this is going to be the most interesting Thanksgiving ever. (And keep in mind that no one invited my parents, anyway.)
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