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Home and alive and not much else.

Seizure at 9:37 AM. (Please, no net-hugs. I hate net-hugs with a screaming passion.) Pure stress reaction. Stress, and stress-related sleep-dep. Stuff that will not get any better until I am living in Boston. But I need to learn to manage it, because seizures are bad, mmkay?

Eight months til Boston, unless Adam gets a job there sooner.

I've called my neurologist. Now I wait. I'm waiting for a lot of things lately, dammit.

Sorry. Not very entertaining today.

EDIT: Heard from neuro's nurse.

Nurse: "What's going on?"
Me, repeating the voicemail I left: "Still having the same side effect issues with the Trileptal, and I had a seizure today."
Nurse: "Are you having side effects from the Zonegran?"
Me: "Honestly? I can't tell." (I can't. There's so much side-effect overlap. Zonegran hasn't given me anything New And Different, at least.)
Nurse: "Any other physical issues?"
Me: "Oh, yes." I describe the heart stuff. Which I have already described to them. "I'm getting my results from the cardiologist tomorrow."

Nurse goes and talks to the doctor. Nurse calls back and instructs me to double my Zonegran dose and let them know what the cardiologist says.

Well, sure. Because staying on the meds that are not preventing seizures and are giving me nasty side effects and pumping me up on something else will help the side effects, right? ...right? No?


In other news, kires is a marvelous person to talk to when stressed and braintangly. But one must do so on the opposite end of the house from one's child, because one cusses like a sailor when doing so.

And the "sorry I'm not entertaining" was self-mocking, dudes, no worries.

ALSO EDIT: On the bright side - because I am determined that there shall be a bright side - I managed to get a full fourth of my credit card balance (at 13.99% interest) transferred over to my Sears card (promotional 3.99% interest until balance is fully paid off) just now. So. Yay me for saving money!
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