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Serenity - SPOILERS

This is the Spoiler-y post. If you click on the cut-tag, you have no one but yourself to blame. I'm *serious*. I spoil a MAJOR plot point that's likely to ruin the movie for you if you know it going in.

I welcome discussion here from those who've already seen the movie!

Okay, well, HOLY SHIT.

I'll say one thing straight up. The one thing that 'gnome and the_colombian and I discussed most at IHOP last night. And that's this:

Wash. Deserved. Better.

Because, dammit - that was a glorified jump-scare.

We were in shock, the guys and I. "Get Simon in there! Simon can fix him!" "No, that thing's all the way through the chair." "I - I DISBELIEVE this."

I officially disbelieve it, dammit. I disbelieved that Colossus died, and look! He's back. I'm disbelieving the hell out of this. Not my Wash. They are faking us out and there's another ending for the theatrical release and Wash is alive and LA LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU.

But dammit... I can see the writer's perspective here, and I can see that it had to be done. Someone we love had to die, or we wouldn't believe that the rest of the crew was really in danger. Had Wash not died, I'd not have spent twenty minutes climbing 'gnome's arm like a panicked kitten.

But he deserved better. He deserved to go down fighting. That was a jump-scare out of a horror movie. Our Wash deserved better.

Damn my writer-eyes, though. I can see why.


I lay in bed wide awake for an hour or more last night just parsing this.

Hm. Otherwise...

Like I said, River's fight choreography was a thing of beauty. The villian was phenomenal. The scene at the very beginning, with the doctor set up to fall slowly on the sword? Beautiful.

I don't know that I buy Mal not killing the villian, though. The guys disagree, saying that the worst thing you can do to a believer is to show him the truth... I just think it's inconsistent with Mal's usual behavior, though. Mal's never had any qualms about, say, shoving a guy into a turbine - but he leaves this guy behind him to shoot at him?

I did like that the sex doll didn't actually recognize Mal, that it was just on repeat...

Speaking of which: Mr. Universe? Suddenly they have this connection who monitors the cortex? And knows about River? Erf? It's TV-to-movie syndrome. "It's nine months later and we now have shiny new tech and new important characters that no one's ever spoken of before."

I wasn't surprised that Book died. I was pissed that we'll never get to learn any more about him, though; it feels like there was a fascinating story there. But I guess everyone has a fascinating story under their skin, and we get to know so few...

Sequel? I can see them continuing on the path of getting secrets out of River's brain and taking down the Alliance - though that's not really what the show was about. In terms of familiar faces and places, Whitefall's destroyed - but we didn't see Badger go down. And I love Badger. And there's still Inara's story to be explored.

I loved getting to see Simon and River's escape.

Hm. I'll likely edit more in later.

EDIT: Oh, and - the government created Reavers? Didn't see it coming - but dude. I can see it.

And escape pods = Reaver Happy-Meals.
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