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Serenity - NO SPOILERS!

When I say NO SPOILERS, I mean it; not only no spoilers in the post, but no spoilers are allowed in the comments. I know a bunch of you have been lucky enough to see the movie in early screenings. Most of my readers have not. There'll be a second post for spoilers, speculation, and discussion. This one's clean.

Jinkies! How do I start?

Perhaps just with a "Hell yes."

It's all here, guys. The family feel is here. The humor is here. It's more action-y than the show - but it has to be, to work as a movie. And it's done well. (I *heart* River's fight choreography!)

Wow. I don't know how to review this without giving stuff away.

I spent a big chunk of this movie curled up in my seat, hugging my knees, hand clapped over my mouth, silently going "Holy shit."

I spent about a twenty-minute segment, and you'll know which one when you see it, literally wrapped around photognome's arm going "Aii!"

'gnome and the_colombian and I had to go out for coffee afterwards just to process. Our brains were full. I couldn't get to sleep last night. Just processing.

I'm going to see it again on Friday. Twice. So are the guys.

Anyone else who saw the screenings have anything to add? I'll probably edit more in after I do the spoilery review.

By the by - after you watch the movie, read the novelization by our very own kradical!
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