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Happy birthday to my favorite Gaiman minion, jmspencer!

Hello to new readers darkfader, jennasuze, laurel714, lightdenied, seanmoon, voicesinherhead, and woodwardiocom, and returning reader zarq!

Exhaustion + nausea. Just took my pills, for reasons to be 'splained in a bit, so further updates later. EDIT: Tongue & face tingly/numb, vision fuckery. EDIT: Brainfuckery, wordfuckery. Here it comes. Whee.
Chest pain is only mild. Cardio appointment is Friday. EDIT: Heart going pinbally again. EDIT at 10: heart less pinbally, but major shortness of breath. Not happy.
Still need to make neuro appointment.

Should we talk about the government? Oh, let's do.
In his infinite crackwhoredom wisdom, our governor has cancelled school today and tomorrow. Why? To save gas.


Yes. School is cancelled. All through the state. To save gas. In case Rita caused a shortage.

Because the gas used by the school buses > the gas used by thousands of parents, individually, to go all those extra miles to take their kids to day care.

Except wait. IT'S NOT.

Thank goodness Adam was able to stay home with Elayna, because I can't afford to not get paid - but that puts me behind the wheel, which is not optimal. Ergh.

I'm in new-friendship heavy-infodump stage with someone. Which is very fun.

It looks like rest is what I really needed, as I was able to turn out bits of work on Places You Haunt and Walking on Water (said for benefit of those who don't read on the weekend). And I was able to get two pages done on the Shayara scene I've been working on. Which is good, because I've been getting only two sentences done on it at a time.

I'm not kidding. Two sentences at a time. Drives me batshit. (Worthy of note: This is one that lives in the notebook in my purse, taken out when I have a moment. I rarely have a moment.)

But yesterday morning, while Adam and Elayna were grocery shopping, I wrote a fun conversation between Kieran and the Telenias; I like writing them, because they really have the same goals, but their viewpoints are just totally alien to each other.
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