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[Shayara] 14 Girls in 14(hundred) Days: Alanna

Yes, finally. Following the 14 in 14 character sheet format.

Name: Alanna ni'Tamra
Origin: Alanna was born in the Council's island compound; she was transferred to Shayara, where she spends the rest of her life, at the age of 4.
Orientation: Heterosexual.
Significant Other(s): Jeramie ni'L'Arath. Sort of. They're... pretty fucked up.
Appearance: Typical Tamrani height (read: short) and eyes (read: blue-grey). Her hair is wavy and waist-length, and she's dyed it black. Her skin is porcelain-fair, her features doll-like... were it not for her clear madness, for the cruelty in her eyes, Alanna might be the greatest beauty of her time. As it is, she enhances her natural charms with glamours when she leaves the Council's Shayara compound.

Background: Alanna is the second of Katrina and Stephen's four daughters - the first born with enough power to potentially be the Lishaya. Indeed, for the first ten years of her life, even the Council thought that she was the Lishaya reborn.

Unfortunately for them - not so much.

So Alanna was raised by a fearful and overgrasping Council, bent repeatedly to their will in every manner they could. It's no wonder the girl's mind was broken by the time she hit her mid-teens.

What happens when you raise a girl to madness, and hand her absolute power?

"Thieves", Ministry
"Insanity", Oingo Boingo
"Sin", Nine Inch Nails
"The Hand That Feeds", Nine Inch Nails
"Sweetest Perfection", Depeche Mode
"Send Me an Angel", as covered by Deadstar Assembly
"Suck It Up", Die Warzau
"Smothered Hope", Skinny Puppy

...and many more...


Note: This is for the wiki and reference materials; is this good enough in terms of bbackground without giving stuff away? I've been writing a lot from her POV lately, which makes it difficult to jump out and do this from the outside.
Tags: shayara, shayara.alanna
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