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Friday Audience Participation

envoy and I were discussing the physical appearance of someone he hadn't met.

Envoy: "Does [Person] has photo icons?"
Me: "Yeah, but they're hella airbrushed, don't look much like [him/her]."
Envoy: "Well, everyone does that. Everyone chooses the absolute prettiest pictures of themselves for their icons."
Me: "...not me."

This evolved into a conversation about my default icon in particular. This icon isn't the prettiest picture of me. It actually makes me look pretty severe, which I'm not in person. And the only thing I really like about my face is my eyes, which you can't see at all in this picture. (I look more like this and this, but with glasses, and my hair and face are thinner now.)

So why this picture as my default icon?

Because I'm writing. And therefore, I'm more me in this picture than I am in any other. So it suits me to have this as my default.

This is me at my most *me*. When no one's around, this is who I am; I curl up and the pen comes out.

And that's how I choose to represent myself by default.

So. Audience participation time. Why have you chosen the default icon you've chosen? What do you feel it says about you? If you don't have a default icon, why not?
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