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Happy early birthday to dtaylor, magiien, and rhiannonhero, all of whom advance a year over the weekend!

Hello to new reader mangosteen!

Exhaustion + nausea, but otherwise, feeling okay so far today.

A gift from me to you!
Music that is not work-safe! Bitch and Animal, "Best Cock on the Block".

This came to me from slipjig, of course. And now I pass the savings on to you. "From the D to the I to the L to the DO!"

8 Hunks
I actually like spam these days, just because it's e-mail that I don't have to take action on.

Hunks have one more week to accept! The doors close on Friday, September 30. Picture-posting begins on Saturday, October 1. Everyone should go forth and look at the list. See if you're there. See if anyone you know is there. Chop-chop!

Friday memeage!
Boring on the outside, super on the inside: Plain black long-sleeved tee and jeans, but Supergirl panties and socks.

Blood of Angels, the new Michael Marshall Smith book, third in the Straw Men series. (Yes, I know the cover says Michael Marshall. His name is Michael Marshall Smith. And Richard Bachman is Stephen King, FYI.) I had no advance warning that this was coming out. aussie_nyc shall be punished for that. *brandishes duct-tape flogger*

Anyway, I'm thoroughly enjoying it so far, which is doubly good because Marley's The Maquisarde never got interesting. There were sparks, but none of them had anything to do with the protagonist, who was stultifyingly boring. Yasmine's story would have been intriguing; Ebriel's wasn't.

Sir has informed me - yes, in his capacity as Sir - that I am taking the weekend off, as I have been pushing my body too much lately. As evidenced by the fact that I was so exhausted yesterday that I was walking into things.

Me: "Taking the weekend off? Was ist?"
Him: "No. Projects. No work. Lounging about, eating bonbons."
Me, resistant: "I don't have any bonbons."
Him: "Bonbons will be provided for you."

So. Lounging. Bonbons. I am forbidden to get project-y. Which makes me twitchy.

That man is looking forward to having me up there in part just so he can enforce stuff like this.
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