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Science with Elayna

Location: My bathroom. I'm standing over the sink, washing my face. Enter Elayna.

Elayna: "Are you hot?"
Me: "Um. No."
Elayna: "Why are you washing your face?"
Me: "I'm going to do my dry-skin stuff. I've been too sleepy to do it at night."
Elayna: "Ah."

I pick up my scrub, Origins' Modern Friction, unscrew the cap, and show it to her. "See? It's got these grains of rice starch. They scrub away dry skin." I scoop some up and replace the lid.

Elayna: "Interesting."
Me: "Yep. Natural stuff, not chemicals."
Elayna: "No, not that. It's not a solid or a liquid."
Me: "Um?"
Elayna: "If it was a liquid, it wouldn't cling to your fingers like that. But if it was a solid, it wouldn't spread on your face like that."
Me: "Ooookay. So what is it?"
Elayna: "It's a slime."
Me: "...don't you have homework to do?"
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