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Wiki wiki wiki

Help your brainmeats by helping my brainmeats!

I need to work on the Shayara wiki. (No, it's not there. No, you can't see it yet.) But I want to make sure it answers all of your questions - all of your background questions, at least. If it answered all of your questions, there'd be no story.

Problem is, I have lived with this story in my brainmeats for so long that I'm never sure how well I'm communicating it to you. So if there's something you feel you ought to know, something that doesn't make sense, a perceived missing link, or hell, even if you're just curious about something, please ask. If you have too many questions to fit, just ask in comments. Yes, anything is fair game, but I'm still not giving you Hot Girlsex.

Ask me a question about Shayara.

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